After the performance New England put in on Monday Night Football I don't know why any network would want to put them on prime time back to back.

We are little over an hour away from kickoff at Gillette Stadium, and I'm about to pull the rest of my hair out due to the stress! In the past a game under the lights against the Bengals would never give me anxiety, with Brady at the helm you knew it wasn't going to be an issue. The Pats of old never lost back to back games, my only quandary would be what to watch at halftime when they were up 30. This team I don't know what to think.

Lets break it down by the numbers. As far as the quarterback match up Andy Dalton has thrown two touchdowns and one pick this season where as Brady has found the endzone four times and only two interceptions.

So on paper TB12 wins that. However do you feel like Brady is the same guy? I don't know, but I think he can be, just when is the question.

In the backfield the combination of Bernard and Hill for Cincy have outperformed Ridley and Vereen. The good news is Vereen is due to explode for a huge night and I think tonight is the night.

Besides Edelman the receiving core is anemic at best for New England. Gronk is Gronk he'll make an impact, but will it be enough? Cincinnati has the always electric A.J. Green whose a top five wide-out. He hasn't performed up to his usual standards because of a toe injury and he is listed as probable but he is explosive, watch out. As weak as the Patriot receivers have been I still give them the edge, barely.

On defense the advantage goes to the Bengals in every category except rushing yards allowed.

Overall on paper The Bengals should win this one by 7. However It's not going to happen. Under the bright lights is where the stars come to shine, and there is no brighter one than Tom Brady.

New England 35 Cincinnati 24.