terren in Virginia/Flickr

Some schools have already begun their fall semester.  My kids happen to be going back next week and although I’m happy about it, I’m also a bit anxious.  My brood has had a busy summer but they’ve been at each other something fierce in the past few weeks.  So you might think that I’d be glad to get them out of the house.  Well, YES I am!


Here’s the thing: My wife is a saint.  While I travel to work and spend 8 or 9 hours away from the house, she works from home AND takes care of four children.  When I get home in the early evening she’s already had a full day of fighting and whining.  Bedtime, while it’s supposed to be a quiet time to reflect and rest, is usually chaos; never mind that the work can’t usually get done while their eyes are open, leaving Mommy and Daddy to toil away the late evening hours. 


The reason I’m anxious about school starting is because now all the energy they have to hold in during class time will no doubt rear its ugly head when they get off the bus.  We will still have one at home plus another back in the afternoon.  This may make work time a bit more productive.  I’m hoping that they’ll be worn out enough to make sleep time what it’s supposed to be – sleep time for Mommy and Daddy. 

Are your kids back in school yet?  How has the transition been so far? Leave me a comment on Facebook.