Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly has nothing but respect for her father despite his recent drug and alcohol relapse. The actress and singer says it took courage for him to recognize his problem and to admit it to the world via Facebook.

"I love and respect that he's honest enough to say, 'Yes, I did this. It was my fault,'" Kelly Osbourne tells Cosmopolitan. "He's a real man. Most people would hide, and he doesn't."

The Black Sabbath singer's confession came on April 15, just hours before the Boston Marathon bombing. Kelly admits it bothered her to see her father's face on British newspapers instead of bombing coverage. "People lost their children from a terrorist attack, and that's superseded by this bulls--- story that is not even real," she says. "We had a TV show about this. Now people are trying to act like it's a new story."

Sharon Osbourne recently shared that Ozzy is more than 80 days sober, calling his recovery a miracle. "I'm very proud of him. He's a great example, too, for people. He's not the only person that suffers from addiction," she told USA Today.

Kelly addresses her own addiction troubles in the Cosmo article. "It's going to be one of those things we battle for the rest of our lives," she says. "I take the necessary precautions. If you're not happy and healthy, it's not worth any of it. Everyone says sex, drugs, and rock and roll are fun. It ain't fun. It is not something to glorify."