It's only fitting, we suppose, that a new tree frog with a bat-like call be named after Ozzy Osbourne. But the decision to call it dendropsophus ozzyi wasn't a sly reference to the Black Sabbath frontman's infamous early-'80s encounter with a certain winged creature.

Instead, according to, the scientists who discovered this previously unknown species in the Amazon are actually loyal followers. "We kept talking about the 'bat frog,'" said post-doctoral fellow Pedro Peloso, "which led to us talking about being fans of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath."

Peloso and his colleagues stumbled across the amphibian during a biodiversity survey in a protected Brazilian national forest called Pau-Rosa. "As soon as I heard its call, I knew it was a new species," Peloso says. "I had never heard anything like it." Not even on 'Master of Reality.'

There's more good news for Peloso and Company: Osbourne has begun work on a new album with Black Sabbath, his second since a long-hoped-for reunion with the group prior to recording '13.' He had previously fronted Black Sabbath from 1968-79, before launching a solo career.

Osbourne bit the head off a bat in January 1982, after it was thrown on stage during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa. He has said he thought it was a rubber toy.

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