Each year, members of the Presque Isle Rotary Club donate their time and hundreds of shiny new books to local schools on Thesaurus Day! 

Rotary Member Lisa Miles from Townsquare Media with students at the Eva Hoyt Zippel Elementary School in Presque Isle. [Ryan Gavin / Townsquare Media][/caption]Sharon Campbell from U.S. Senator Angus King's office and Lisa Miles from Townsquare Media were just a few of the local volunteers on hand Monday who donated their time to visit the school and talk to students about the importance of writing and using different words in communication. Students perused the new volumes and asked questions about the differences between antonyms and synonyms. Both are highlighted in their new thesauruses.

Rotary Members speak to students at Eva Hoyt Zippel Elementary School in Presque Isle on Thesaurus Day. [Ryan Gavin / Townsquare Media][/caption]The Rotary Club donates the books with the hope that students will use them as they gear up for more complex writing that will be required as they move up from year to year. Sharon Campbell reminded students that "while it's important to use different kinds of words, it's also very important to remember the four way test we use at Rotary."

Rotary's "Four Way Test" is:
- Is it the truth?
- Is it fair to all concerned?
- Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
- Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Remembering these four guidelines, Campbell said, will help students grow and succeed in the long-term.

Students review their new thesauruses at Eva Hoyt Zippel Elementary School in Presque Isle on Rotary's Thesaurus Day. [Ryan Gavin / Townsquare Media][/caption]Rotary Club members will also provide new books and donate their time at elementary schools in Easton, Ashland and Mapleton over the next several days.