Figure skating in hockey?

Perry Mah, Edmonton Sun

Look people I'm a sports guy, and all for equal rights and stuff like that. However you can't cross streams between figure skating and hockey. It's unacceptable behavior. I'm happy for this David Pelletier figure skating dude for getting the gig, it was his personal dream and I'm all for that. I'm an old school sports guy and I just don't see the value in it. Is he going to be that big of a help with the power play? What about checking? Last time I looked there wasn't a lot of physical contact in figure skating. In what do they call it mixed doubles figure skating there might be, but I'm not sure. At the end of the day it's the Edmonton Oilers and nobody cares about the Oilers. So let him do what he wants because I'll be watching my Bruins beat up on the Canadiens and The Maple Leafs all season long! Ya I said it, Bruins Stanley Cup Champs this year stay tuned!