For today's hidden gem I bring you the Colorado-based 'Big Head Todd & the Monsters.'  I've been into this band since college and that's basically where they built their following, traveling around to campuses first in the West and Northwest and eventually going statewide and through Canada.  They have a supremely loyal fan base and have been quite successful despite only moderate media attention, which is why I call them a 'hidden gem.'

In the beginning years, they were reminicent of early R.E.M., at least to my ears.  They began digging into the blues in the early 90s and have put out an eclectic blend ever since.  Led by the songwriting, vocals and guitar prowess of Todd Park Mohr they've carved out a niche that they have survived on for 27 years.  The band consists of Mohr, Brian Nevin on drums and vocals, Rob Squires on bass and vocals and Jeremy Lawton on keys, pedal steel and vocals.    

While you may not know all of their music, if you are an avid T.V. fan or moviegoer you've likely heard the band and just never known it.  They've had a few minor hits, but their most famous is a cover of John Lee Hooker's 'Boom, Boom.'  It's been used in television commercials and movie trailers since it was released back in 1997. 

Give these guys a shot.  If you love straight up blues rock with great lyrics, you'll love Big Head Todd & the Monsters.

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