You have two eyes, two legs, two ears, two – well you get the idea.  Why is that?  I guess I’ve never pondered it before until I was searching for something to write about and realized that on the show today it’s ‘Two for Tuesday.’ 


When it comes to rock and roll from your favorite artists, more is always better.  It harkens back to the old story of Noah and the Ark where he was instructed to collect two of everything and sail away.  We have a big family so we have two vehicles and at least a couple of televisions, computers, etc. 


Most people joke that they’d like to have two of themselves just to get everything done.  Is this greed or necessity in this technological age that we live in?  Well in the case of today’s show it’s simple rock and roll greed.  If you could have two of anything what would it be?

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