It’s almost over!  Election Day is tomorrow and it got me thinking about the different ideologies.  I know you’re thinking, "why do something so silly?"  But seriously, this happens to be pretty darn important, and there are a lot of great ideas out there.  Unfortunately there are a lot more bad ideas as well.

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So we have to suffer through our two-party system.  Yes we do.  I wish it weren’t so but realistically any other fringe parties that try to get into the political discourse usually end up being more of a distraction.  What fringe parties you ask?  I’m using the word “fringe” as a sweeping generalization of course, but the Green Party, The Libertarian Party, The Labor Party etc.  These are supremely legitimate political groups that are never given the same attention as the “Big Two.” I guess it is what it is.  The important thing is to do your part and VOTE!!

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Here’s a short list of some amusing political parties from around the world.  Some are still going strong and some are defunct, but trust me, they are real.

Two-tailed Dog Party (Hungary)

Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party (defunct after winning 16 seats in 1991 in Poland)

Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party (defunct)

If you could start your own political party what would you stand for and what would you call it?  Tell us on facebook.