Northern Maine Community College has to decided to enact budget cuts as well as cuts to personnel due to increased operational costs, flat state appropriations, and anticipated flat or slightly decreased enrollment for the fall.

Josh Archer - TSM

A $470,000 budget deficit is being projected for the 2015 fiscal year. A college leadership and budget task force have been working to find ways to bridge the gap.

Four faculty positions will be lost to the budget cuts: one in Arts and Sciences, two in Business Technology and one nursing position impacting the Houlton Higher Education Center.Already vacant positions (math instructor, business office, I.T., and student affairs positions) will not be filled.

In addition, the College will be making cuts in contracted services including closing the NMCC office at Madawaska High School (although courses will continue to be offered there). Cuts are also being made to the facilities maintenance and athletics budgets.

According to the NMCC budget task force, the task force has agreed that certain criteria must be considered before each cutback was determined: the upholding of the mission of NMCC, the ability to fulfill the educational needs of students and the community, maintaining the quality of the programs, safety and accreditation.