When you have a guy from Maine, like Teagan Wright, who knows the culture, has some background in production and a personality, you can have a great t.v. show.

According to creator Teagan Wright, he didn't want "From Away" to be about lobsters and lighthouses. His reason? He didn't want the show to be about 'that quintessential vacation feel."

The program is anything but that. Join Teagan as he interviews farmers, ranchers, shooters, craft brewers, fisherman and anyone else who epitomizes the lifestyle in the Pine Tree State. And he has a blast doing it!

As shown on his Facebook page, the storyline is about real people in Maine and how they live and what they do for fun.

The program kicks off on April 23 on Fox23 - WPFO. Wright, 30, hopes that the show brings a 'common bond' to the people of Maine.

Watch the trailer for "From Away' below.