As anybody who has watched cable news in the past week or so knows, Justin Bieber has been having a hard time of late. Busted for DUI and drag racing in Miami, he's also facing possible assault charges and other controversies. But help is on the way from an unlikely source -- one who has seen and done it all -- Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx.

During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session at Reddit, Sixx was asked if he had any advice to give the pop star. Rather than poke fun at his plight, Sixx dropped some solid knowledge.

"You need to know who your audience is," he wrote. "When your audience is 11 - 15 year old girls, you can't promote yourself as a pot-smoking, hooker f---ing wannabe thug....I understand that your [sic] 19 and your balls just dropped, but you gotta use your brain and let your audience grow with you. You're jumping the gun and leaving your fans behind and now they are confused...If i were you, I'd take a serious look at who your audience is..."

Sixx also confirmed what Vince Neil said yesterday, that even though the Crue are embarking on their Final Tour, they will continue to record, even if they're released as one-off songs instead of albums. "Me and Mick [Mars] have been working on some ideas and in a day and age of spending 6 - 9 months recording a new album that falls on deaf ears," he continued. "We're looking for songs that we write to reach more people, hence our relationship with Dodge and sponsors. we think getting less music out to more people is more important than getting more music out to less people."