Houlton Water Company has signed an agreement with NB Power to build a 15 mile (25 km) transmission line and substation which would provide a new international connection between Houlton, Maine and Woodstock, New Brunswick.  

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The project will be 100 per cent funded by Houlton Water Company and final costs will be determined when environmental, engineering and design work is complete, according to a press release from NB Power.

Keith Cronkhite, Vice President of Generation and Business Development for NB Power said, "While HWC is not required to purchase electricity from NB Power through this new line, we are happy to provide their customers with the option to take advantage of our low and stable generation costs through this direct connection."

NB Power will construct the new line and substation from the Woodstock terminal to the US/Canada border near the Houlton border crossing. The new infrastructure will join the 4 existing international connections already in place in northern and eastern Maine.

Houlton Water Company's General Manager John Clark said, "Over the next several years, the completion of this project should result in considerable savings and value to our customers."

Construction will begin once regulatory approvals have been received on both sides of the border.