We’ve always considered french fries a work of culinary art, but one New Brunswick town took that idea to a whole other level over the weekend in the spirit of National French Fry Day.

On Saturday, the Potato World Museum in Florenceville-Bristol made an attempt at becoming the world record holder for the largest piece of artwork made out of, you guessed it, french fries.

Using almost 6,000 variations of curly fries, crinkle cut and shoes string fries, artist Kerry O’Toole constructed a portrait of the town’s covered bridge, which is now slated for review by the Guinness Book of Records.

"This artwork is in a class of its own," said N.B. tourism director Pam Brennan.  "So we can probably say it's not only the largest, but also the most beautiful piece of art made from french fries in the world. Now, we just have to ask Guinness to make it official."

Incidentally, the Guinness Book of Records does not currently have a category for french fry art.

For more information about the Potato World Museum, click here.