We’ve heard of building your credit, but this is ridiculous.

The New Brunswick RCMP say they have a arrested and charged a couple of Toronto men with counterfeiting after they pulled several counterfeit credit cards and other contraband from their vehicle, earlier last week.

According to a new release, authorities watched 31-year-old Li Yi and 21-year-old Puyuan Guan attempt to purchase gift cards using phony credit cards from multiple stores in New Brunswick. After confirming their suspicions that the two were engaged in fraudulent practices, the Cordiac RCMP pulled the two men over in Moncton and made the bust.

Authorities believe the two counterfeit-culprits have been scamming convenience stores and other retail outlets across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Well, these guys may not be building good credit, but they sure are doing a heck of a job establishing a criminal record.