Ed Yourdon/Flickr

It hit me over the weekend like a ton of bricks.  I’ve been so busy that it must have slipped past me.  I’ve been talking about our Pro Football Picks contest on the air and it still kind of eluded me that it’s that time of year.  My favorite time of year...fall.

Most of the people I know hate it when I say that fall is my favorite season because we have such short summers here in northern Maine.  It’s true, there is a severe lack of natural Vitamin D in our neck of the woods, but besides that, I love the smell in the air.  I love the process of warming up versus the process of cooling down.  It’s probably just how my body has adjusted.

Chris Breikss/Flickr

As I settled in after a long Sunday, I realized that football was still on television.  Last Thursday’s season opener was lost on me for some reason. I had a warm cup of tea. My 49ers won.  Even the Patriots won.  Life is good, and it lasts until February. 

What's your favorite time of year?  Tell me here.