Love listening to some music? Why not check out Music in the Park?

The Mallett Brothers and Travis Cyr will be performing on Sunday, August 30th at 3 p.m. at Riverside Park in Presque Isle.


Mallett Brothers Band

The Mallett Brothers Band has become a power house in the Maine music scene. Their fusion of country, rock and roll, Americana and "alt-country" genres has garnered them attention across the country.

"When we first listen to a band, our brain reflexively logs them under the most fitting genre masthead, waiting for the next time your itch for “noise-core goth rock” needs to be scratched. Rare are the bands that challenge the inexorable classification by playing whatever the hell they want. Take a gamble to overthrow the whole system by listening to New England’s wildly eclectic crew of genre rebels, The Mallett Brothers Band." -Texas Hill Country Explore

They are joined by local signer/songwriter Travis Cyr.

This is a free show, sponsored by Presque Isle Downtown Revitalization. So after you've spent the weekend watching balloons float by during Crown of Maine Balloon Fest, you can spend an afternoon in a lawn chair, listening to great music.

The rain location is KMH Music.