These days when I think of Halloween, I think of trouncing my mini-me’s around town looking for cavity inducers.  As a family we don’t do the “scary” thing, at least not yet.  Last year I had an olive, an M&M, Spiderman and a Pokemon.  My oldest boy originally went as a mummy but the bandages kept falling off so we changed it up and he became Peekachu.


Had we learned the way mummies are supposed to be wrapped we might have had better luck, and possibly jail time for child abuse.  Fortunately, you’ve got a bandaged-leg up on my family because on October 26th at 6pm at the NMCC library, The Haystack Historical Society is presenting Su Wolfe, an expert on mummies.


Wolfe’s presentation will cover the paper from Maine that was used on mummies in the nineteenth century as well as Maine-related mummy-lore.  It’s a free presentation but seating is limited.  For more info contact Dena Winslow at 207-764-2357.  Have fun out there.

That’s a wrap!!