The official opening of a new school in Bedell, New Brunswick has been delayed by the Anglophone West School District.

The Meduxnekeag Consolidated School had been slated to open after Christmas break, but will not due to the new K - 8 school's sprinkler system being incomplete.

Meduxnekeag Consolidated School

The school will accommodate up to 650 students. The facility will include 29 classrooms; rooms for music, art, science, and technology; project-work areas; a multi-purpose room; a cafetorium; a library; two gymnasiums; and an early childhood learning space.

The two schools were that were to close and shift over to the new school are Southern Carleton and Debec.

School Officials let teachers, parents and students know that they will move to the new school after March Break in 2015.

Students from Centennial Elementary are scheduled to begin classes at the new K - 8 School in Woodstock, Townsview, right after Christmas. Middle School students in Woodstock will move to the new Townsview School in Fall of 2015.

There has been some controversy as to the naming of the two new schools name change. What are your thoughts?