The Maine Department of Transportation wants motorists to know that hitting a moose is not good. In fact, if you are not already privy to perils of running down one of these wild creatures at top speed then this could be the most important article you read today.

Officials say that right now is prime time moose season across Maine roadways and because of this, they are asking drivers to engage in addition precautionary efforts from May-June in order to avoid striking one of these long-legged beasts and suffering their vicious wrath.

Authorities say that moose have a tendency to become more prevalent as the weather warms up and vegetation becomes more readily available. In addition, moose gravitate towards roadways to consume salt run-offs as a means of getting their recommended sodium intake – a vital part of their diet.

Somewhere around 90 percent of all accidents involving moose happen between dusk and dawn, when moose are most likely to be active. Incidentally, if you happen to hit a moose, call 911. Do not attempt what Woody Allen describes in this video.