Here is the latest incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police

Sept. 14 – Trooper Luce stopped 22-year-old male for 103 in a 55 MPH zone on Route 161 in Stockholm. Cody was on his way to work at NMMC in Fort Kent. He also had an expired inspection sticker (7/15).

Sept. 14 – Tr. Casavant attended training in Massachusetts related to his ability to assist ICE with Federal Investigations.

Sept. 15 – Tr. Darcy responded to a residence in Silver Ridge for a 15-year-old female threatening suicide. The female was having family issues and willingly went with the ambulance to the hospital for an evaluation.

Sept. 16 – Trooper Michaud cited an Augusta man for speeding through the Mapleton Elementary school zone at 63 MPH. Tr. Michaud was parked alongside the road in his unmarked cruiser. The man stated he never noticed the cruiser.

Sept. 16 – Tr. Saucier arrested two Patten men on outstanding warrants one of which had been eluding local officers for weeks

Sept. 17 – Tr. Michaud cited a Mapleton woman for Operating After Suspension when he pulled her over for speeding in the Mapleton Elementary school zone.

Sept. 17 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer took a complaint in Bridgewater where a husband and wife had posted an ad on Craig’s List to try to sell their Ford truck. A buyer in Chicago agreed to purchase it and mailed them a check for the truck and shipping costs. They immediately deposited the check, and the buyer had asked that they send the shipping costs to his shipper as soon as possible. They sent the money via Money Gram for $1,450.00 to a designated shipper. After that was done, they were advised by their bank that the original check from the buyer was no good. They still have their truck, but feel that they have been scammed for the shipping costs. Tr. Stoutamyer is investigating the transaction via Money Gram, and the two Wal-Marts, one in Presque Isle ME, and one in Chicago IL where the money was sent from and received at, to try to ID the person who received the money.

Sept. 17 – Tr. Endre began investigating a burglary and theft of tools in Masardis. The investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 17 – Tr. Darcy charged a male and a female from Patten with theft after they shoplifted from Ellis IGA in Patten. Tr. Darcy is attempting to locate another female from Patten and charge her with theft as she also shoplifted from the store.

Sept. 17 – Tr. Marquis responded to a family fight in New Sweden at the request of a DHHS caseworker who received a call from her mentally challenged client. The investigation showed the female was sick of her spouse drinking and mentioned abuse to her DHHS caseworker. There was no crime or apparent issue to warrant separating the couple.

Sept. 17 – Tr. Darcy is investigating a burglary at a residence in Patten where there is a suspect.

Sept. 18  – Tr. Endre charged a 28-year-old Bridgewater man for OAS/HO stemming from a traffic stop in Bridgewater.

Sept. 18 – Tr. Lilley responded to the So. Oakfield Rd. in Oakfield for a motor vehicle crash. A sixteen-year-old was operating a 2009 Toyota and was traveling west on the South Oakfield Road in Oakfield. The juvenile lost control of the car on the bridge and crossed into the east bound lane striking the bridge guard rail causing damage to the guard rail. The juvenile did not have a valid driver's license but did possess a valid operator’s permit. The juvenile and a 15-year-old passenger were transported to Houlton Regional Hospital by Houlton Ambulance for non-life threatening injuries. Speed and driver inexperience is a factor in the crash. Tr. Lilley issued the operator a summons for operating without a license. PHOTO HERE

Sept. 19 – Tr. Endre summonsed an 18-year-old Easton man for possession of marijuana stemming from a traffic stop in Bridgewater.

Sept. 19 – Tr. Levesque conducted a K-9 demonstration for the kids at Kicking Bear Camp in Bridgewater. Kicking Bear is an event held for youth where there are games and events during the day culminating with an archery course.

Sept. 20 – Tr. Andrew Levesque and K9 Vitz were called to assist Houlton PD with a stolen vehicle that was found on the corner of Catalina Rd and the White Settlement Rd. Vitz tracked across the field to the White Settlement Rd. Once on the White Settlement Rd Vitz tracked for another half mile until he stopped at a set of tire tracked in the side of the field. Along the way Vitz found 2 Bud Lite cans on the side of the road that had the human order of the person who we were tracking. It appeared that the person was picked up.

While Tr. Levesque was walking back to his vehicle, Houlton PD got another call about 4 kids leaving an abandoned house on Washburn St. The complainant stated that there were 2 males and 2 females that left the house and one male left on a scooter. Tr. Levesque and K9 Vitz went to 18 Washburn St and Vitz started tracking from the front and tracked across the road to Lincoln St. Once on Lincoln St Vitz tracked down the road until the intersection of the ATV trail. Vitz tracked down the trail to another intersection where he went right. Vitz tracked down the length of the ATV trail until he got to Riverside Park. At the park, Tr. Lilley, Tr. Sucy and one Houlton Officer who had found the 4 suspects there sitting on the picnic tables. Vitz walked past one Trooper and the Houlton Officer and indicated on one of the males.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.