Troop 'F' of the Maine State Police responded to 129 calls for service this past week, including the theft of a Christmas tree and its decorations.

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Incident Type: OAS Date: 12/04/2016 Town: Island Falls Trooper: Tr. Adams Brief Synopsis: Tr. Adams stopped a vehicle on I-95 around mile marker 277 south for speeding and discovered the operator of the vehicle had a suspended license. The operator was charged with OAS and the vehicle was towed to Bangor.

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 12/06/2016 Town: Cyr Plantation Trooper: Tr. Desrosier Brief Synopsis: Sgt. Clark and Tr. Desrosier responded to an address in Cyr Plantation for a family fight. During the investigation it was determined that the fight was verbal between a brother and sister. The woman causing the disturbance was intoxicated and had an active warrant for unpaid fines. The woman was arrested and transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

Incident Type: CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Date: 12/07/2016 Town: Linneus Trooper: Cpl. Quint Brief Synopsis: While assisting Tr. Kilcollins with a trespassing complaint and a suspected bail violation. Cpl. Quint arrested a female for disorderly conduct. The woman was interfering with the Troopers conducting their investigation looking for the male suspect. After she was handcuffed and brought to Cpl. Quint’s cruiser he went back inside to get her insulin and while he was inside the trailer the woman kicked the cruiser’s windshield causing it to break in two places. The woman was also arrested for aggravated criminal mischief and was taken to the Aroostook County Jail.

Incident Type: VIOLATION OF BAIL Date: 12/07/2016 Town: Linneus Trooper: Tr. Kilcollins Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins and Cpl. Quint responded to a residence in Linneus to assist the homeowner with removing two subjects from his home. Tr. Kilcollins arrived and observed a man trying to flee out the back of the residence but couldn’t get the rear door open due to the snow. Tr. Kilcollins eventually located the man hiding under blankets in a spare bedroom. The man was on bail to not have contact with the female who was in the residence. Tr. Kilcollins arrested the man for Violation of Conditions of Release.

Incident Type: PUBLIC RELATIONS Date: 12/07/2016 Town: Presque Isle Trooper: Cpl. Michaud Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Michaud administered physical fitness exams to 8 individuals who also took the alert test this week at UMPI. MCJA staff traveled to UMPI to administer the exam.

Incident Type: THEFT Date: 12/08/2016 Town: Wallagrass Trooper: Tr. Desrosier Brief Synopsis: Tr. Desrosier is currently investigating the theft of a Christmas tree and its decorations. The tree was on the victim’s front lawn and it is suspected that at least two people stole the tree. Tr. Desrosier is following leads.

Incident Type: Operating after Revocation HO Date: 12/08/2016 Town: Patten Trooper: Tr. Adams Brief Synopsis: Tr Adams responded to Shin Pond road for report of a vehicle in the ditch. When he arrived on location there was a truck there attempting to pull the vehicle out of the ditch. Tr. Adams asked the male operator for his driver’s license which the operator was not able to produce He provided Tr. Adams with his name and date of birth, which showed the operator license status was revoked (HO). The operator was summonsed and his father came to drive the car back to their residence.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 12/08/2016 Town: Houlton Trooper: Tr. Bell Brief Synopsis: Tr. Bell stopped a pickup for a defective plate light and discovered that the operator’s license was suspended. The operator was summonsed for operating after suspension.

Incident Type: ROBBERY Date: 12/09/2016 Town: Houlton Trooper: Tr. Bell Brief Synopsis: Sgt. Fuller and Tr. Bell performed a canine track for a suspect wanted for robbing a Houlton beer store at gunpoint. The track had negative results and the case is being investigated by Houlton Police Department.

Maine State Police/Facebook

Incident Type: ACCIDENT Date: 12/09/2016 Town: St. Agatha Trooper: Tr. Curtin Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin investigated a rollover crash on Main Street in St. Agatha. The teenage operator was driving too fast for the conditions and lost control of his vehicle. There were no injuries in the crash, but the teenage operator was cited for carrying passengers beyond the restrictions of his intermediate license.

Incident Type: CRIMINAL SPEED Date: 12/10/2016 Town: Linneus Trooper: Tr. Rob Flynn Brief Synopsis: Tr. Flynn was working for Troop F during their Christmas party Saturday night. He stopped a vehicle for traveling 75 mph / 50 mph zone on Rt. 2A in Linneus. While speaking to the 16-year-old male operator, Tr. Flynn asked the teen if he knew how fast he going. The teen stated that he wasn’t certain but knew he was going around 100 mph back there. Tr. Flynn completed the traffic stop issuing the teen a summons for 75 mph. Tr. Flynn then found a telephone number for the parents of the teen. He contacted the father and explained the situation believing that they should be aware of their son’s driving behavior. The father who was driving out of state was appreciative of the call and assured Tr. Flynn that they would be taking away his driving privileges. The teen had a 15-year-old friend in the vehicle at the time of the stop and was on his way to pick up his teenage girlfriend from work.