State Police are displaying a special license plate on their cruisers this week commemorating the Wreath’s Across America convoy that has begun making its way to Arlington National Cemetery.

Maine State Police

Troopers are part of the convoy which started over the weekend from Columbia Falls. First Lady Ann LePage is part of that effort and was presented her own license plate.

The Chief of the State Police said all State Police cruisers will display the new plates until December 13, as the convoy heads south to Arlington. Williams said,

State Police have been involved in escorting the wreath convoy from Maine to Arlington for several years and the license plate commemorates that involvement and the Wreaths Across America effort.”  The plate features the State Police seal and  Wreaths Across America logo.

The plates were funded by the Maine State Trooper’s Association and the Maine Trooper’s Foundation and did not involve public money. The license plates will later be signed by the Trooper who displayed the plate and will be given to families who have lost a service member in combat, or auctioned off with proceeds going to Wreaths Across America.