A local spiritual counselor may now be praying for a sharp legal team, as Maine State police say they have arrested a supposed member of the clergy on charges of unlawful sexual advance.

Earlier last week, authorities say that 65-year-old John Walker was taken into custody at his home in Dyer Brook after a woman he was allegedly providing with “spiritual counseling” claimed that he made unwanted sexual advances towards her while at his residence.

The woman says she met Walker at the Aroostook County Jail, while there visiting with her incarcerated boyfriend. According to reports, Walker offered to provide her with some spiritual counseling at his home to assist her in coping with the imprisonment of her boyfriend.  However, in the midst of a healing process apparently laced with ulterior motives, the woman says that Walker touched her inappropriately.

Police say that Walker is now free on bail, but is scheduled to in court to answer to the charges sometime next month.