You’ve heard of RoboCop, now meet SWAT-BOT.

A company out of Maine responsible for developing a wicked brand of both manned and unmanned tanks for the U.S. military and Hollywood movie producers has emerged with the latest advancement in police equipment – a vicious high-tech robot armed with a near doomsday proof protective shield.

The Howe brothers say that the new “SWAT robot” is designed to maintain the safety of SWAT teams and other emergency personnel in the event of a standoff against armed criminals. The SWAT-BOT is capable of providing cover from explosive devices similar to those used to terrorize this year's Boston Marathon, which killed three and injured nearly 200 more.

Incidentally, Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. was commissioned to design the robotic SWAT unit by the Massachusetts State Police, and was scheduled to unleash its fury into the streets of the Boston metro earlier this week. However, due to Monday’s bombing, the launch was postponed.