Working in law enforcement is often a thankless job, but that's not the case for a Madawaska Police Officer.

On Saturday, Madawaska Police Officer Danielle Levesque was honored during the Madawaska Fire Department recognition dinner. Madawaska Fire Chief Jim Soucy and Madawaska Police Chief Carroll Theriault recognized Officer Levesque for her quick thinking and bravery after an incident in December, which led to a positive outcome to a structure fire.

Madawaska Police Department

Officer Levesque was on routine patrol in Madawaska at around 9:45 a.m. on December 12th, when she observed smoke at a distance coming from the vicinity of 14th Avenue.

During the winter months, officers often keep an eye out for chimney fires. With the possibility of a chimney fire in the back of her mind, she went to investigate the cause of the smoke to find the entire front porch of a residence fully engulfed in flames.

Madawaska Fire Department

She quickly notified dispatch to tone out the Fire Department and without thinking twice ran to the residence to make sure no one was inside. She gained entry through a winterized door and advised the elderly couple inside that their house was on fire and needed to evacuate quickly.

Officer Levesque assisted the elderly couple vacate the residence and brought them to sit inside her police cruiser to keep warm.