We've all had our ups and downs with the post office. Imagine a letter you mailed finally made it to its destination 83 years later.


According to the AP, in 1931, 23-year-old Miriam McMichael, a Maine school teacher, sent her nine-page letter from Houlton to her mother Dollena McMichael in Pittsfield. It was finally delivered 83 years later. Both women have since passed away.

The letter was lost and only recently found at the Pittsfield post office. Postal worker Michelle Rowell found it and tells the Morning Sentinel she knew it was old because of the 2-cent stamp.

The postmaster and town officials tracked down the family, and the letter is now in the hands of Ann MacMichael, 69, of Cornville, Miriam's niece and Dollena's granddaughter. The spelling of the family name has changed.

MacMichael says the irony is that the writer apologizes for not writing sooner.