Gov. Paul LePage has designated $10,000 from his contingency fund for a park in downtown Caribou that honors veterans. The governor's office announced the funds will be given to the Veterans Memorial Park Association to further expand and maintain the park.  

Veterans Memorial Park Association

The city of Caribou deeded the land in 2011, which is bordered by South Main, Nylander and Lyndon streets and Veterans Memorial Park was officially dedicated on July 27, 2013.

Phillip McDonough, chairman of the park association, says the state funds will help greatly in future projects, such as a Purple Heart monument.  There are plans to install a large granite stone at the park that honors all branches of the military. Another monument already designed is dedicated to the recognition of prisoners of war and soldiers who went missing in action.

Gov. LePage stated that those who have served in the military deserve to be remembered "long beyond their years with us on earth."

Donations to the Veterans Memorial Park Association may be sent to: P. O. Box 453, Caribou, Maine 04736.