All of us at Townsquare Media are truly excited to be a part of one of the most-fun kids' events in the country. That's Kidabaloo, at the Forum in Presque Isle today!

There's going to be a whole heck of a lot of things to do for kids, tweens, and anyone who likes games, fun and family entertainment.

G Force Laser Tag, for instance. What's that?  Well, it's an immersive experience, like getting inside a video game. It challenges players with games of increasing skill and strategy. You are on the go, not on a couch. You are playing against real people, not simulations.

Get the full laser tag experience with techno music, fog machine, and laser beams. 10 Groups of 30-40 will play at a time and will receive 5 minutes of training. G-Force Laser Tag: The Ultimate Adventure!

Then there's the huge climbing wall from Adventure Climbing:

I mean just, look at this thing! Isn't this great?  24 feet high with a circumference at the top of over 22 feet of wall panel!

All the fun and challenge of rock climbing, rappelling, and team work - the wall will accommodate 4 climbers at a time with a choice of 9 routes. Routes are designed from easy (for your young kitchen cabinet climbers!) to a challenging stretch for an adult.

The folks at Adventure Climbing  designed the wall surface from a patented cement/epoxy mix. They say that, unlike fiberglass and wood constructed walls, this compound gives maximum rock-like feel and abrasion. The surface of the wall is sculptured to duplicate real rock contours. The unique texture allows for climbing even when wall has become wet as opposed to the extremely slippery surface of other materials. Hand holds range in size, shape, and color to vary the ease or difficulty of the routes. Really, it's one of the best climbing walls in the world!

What else is at Kidabaloo in Presque Isle this weekend? Why, the always awesome Rick Charette, of course, with not one, but two performances.

Rick has been writing and performing for children for nearly 40 years. Published in 1983, his first collection of songs, “Bubblegum” was followed in 1985 by “Alligator in the Elevator.” The success of these early collections launched a full-time career of writing and performing for young audiences.

Also at Kidabaloo, Wintergreen Arts Center and TAMC'S W.O.W. Wagon, the wonderful converted ambulance which brings hands-on arts fun to kids, including face painting.

The WOW/TAMC Mobile houses art supplies so volunteers with Wintergreen Arts Center can provide special events and art activities on-site.


Wintergreen Arts Center

Other amazing activities at the Forum include:

  • Bounce House
  • Inflatable Fun Slide
  • Photo Booth
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Seed Planting Station
  • And more!



  • Access to all event activities
  • General Admission: $10
  • Kids 2 and Under: FREE
  • Family 4-Pack: $35

The Forum is located at 84 Mechanic Street in Presque Isle.

And we'll see YOU at Kidabaloo!