State Police will utilize additional troopers, unmarked cruisers and their airplane in traffic enforcement efforts during the July 4th holiday week.

Photo, Darren McCollester, Getty Images

Those efforts will also continue throughout July and August.  The Chief of the State Police, Colonel Robert Williams, said the July 4th week is one of the busiest times on Maine roads because of vacationers.  Williams said, “Troopers will be looking for distracted, aggressive and impaired drivers and enforcing Maine’s seat belt laws.  Troopers are also observing many drivers abusing Maine’s no texting law and they will be taking the appropriate enforcement action when spotting that violation.”

Williams said July and August are the two busiest months on Maine roads and also two of the deadliest. A total of 43 people died in traffic crashes during July and August last year. He said the additional enforcement efforts will continue through Labor Day.  State Police urge motorists to allow for extra time due to increased traffic, be alert for backups and increase your following distance to account for unexpected stop and go traffic on the roads.

The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety said 61 people have been killed so far this year on Maine roads, which is slightly higher than last year.  Last year’s total going into the July 4th holiday was 53 deaths.