This site, I realize, has all different opinions but I'm going to voice mine here and welcome you do do the same by commenting and/or taking the poll.

Maine is discussing the possibility of Constitutional Carry of hand guns which, if passed, means this: Anyone who can legally own a gun in Maine would be allowed to carry it concealed, without a permit to do so.

What it WOULDN'T allow: People who are NOT legally allowed to have guns to own/carry a firearm. People to carry guns into properties that clearly state they don't allow them. THEY have a right to set their own rules, too. Personally, I won't patronize an eating establishment that won't allow weapon carry inside, but that's my personal decision.

Moms Demand Action and Michael Bloomberg's group, Everytown for Gun Safety, are anti-second amendment groups who, based on everything I've seen (and it's well covered on my website, would like nothing more than to see the second amendment slowly erode. In fact, on the Mom's Demand Action's Facebook Page, you can regularly see "members" posting how "guns should be illegal" and "only police should have guns," and the like. I see this as dangerous and, although I'm not an activist at heart, I will stand to defend our rights against this kind of assault.

There's an ad out now by the aforementioned groups urging Maine lawmakers to vote against constitutional carry (LD 652). One of the assertions is that violent criminals could carry. Really? Criminals are not and LEGALLY CANNOT carry weapons. If a criminal is Hell bent on carrying a gun, a permitting process will not stop him.

Would I like to see everyone who carries go through a safety course? Yes. Should it be mandatory? No. That's not a requirement of the constitution.

Personally, and this is me, Jon James, I'd like to see Mainer's stand up against this kind of push from HUGE money (yes, Bloomberberg's billions are funding these kinds of ads across the country...he has a penchant for telling citizens what they should and shouldn't do).

Read a statement from The NRA, here.

There is a committee work session is scheduled for today in Augusta.

By the way, blood is NOT running in the streets of other states with constitutional carry laws. Like Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas and Wyoming.

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