If you ask Jon Bon Jovi, the Grammys have gotten it right in recent years. The singer listed Adele and Mumford & Sons as bands with real talent, while adding that he worries about kids today and a perceived waning interest in good music.

"The young boy band thing has its place," Bon Jovi told British tabloid Star. "But you can't compare One Direction to the likes of Adele or Mumford & Sons. Their talent is invigorating. I'm glad to see talent continuing because I worry this generation isn't paying that much attention to music."

Last week Bon Jovi began the Because We Can Tour, named after the band's upcoming album, which features the lead single 'Because We Can.' It's been over 30 years on the road and in studio for the 'Livin' On a Prayer' hitmaker. He says he couldn't have begun his career on a reality television show like 'The Voice' or 'American Idol.'

"It's hard because they're thrust into a huge spotlight and they're expected to have a record on a par with the greats six weeks later," he says. Earlier he revealed he was asked to be a part of many of those shows, but wouldn't do it.

"You see them there and they can hit the high note and then a year later they're a trivia question," he told the British Sun (quote via Star). It's a big ask of these kids."