J.D. Irving, Limited  has announced a $16.8 million investment in northwestern New Brunswick, creating more than 70 new jobs.  The investments are being made in Irving-owned woodlands as well as in upgrades to sawmills in Saint-Léonard and Kedgwick.

J.D. Irving, Limited

“We have cared for the Black Brook Woodlands near Saint-Léonard for over 70 years,´ said Jim Irving, Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving.   "These internationally certified forests are both a living research center and an important contributor to the wood supply that sustains jobs throughout the province.

Irving’s forestry and mill operations account for over 640 jobs-direct and indirect-in the St. Leonard area, generating a payroll of over $38 million per year.  In addition, there are over 300 businesses in Madawaska and Victoria Counties that supply the company's forest products operations.

"The sawmills at Kedgwick and Saint-Léonard are vital to local employment and healthy rural economies and we are committed to sustaining and growing them." Jim Irving said Wednesday.

Irving's investment is broken down as follows:

• $7.3 Million increased annual investment in silviculture and tree planting on J.D Irving freehold in New Brunswick
• $6 Million invested in 11 new harvesting machines from A.L.P.A. Equipment, Ltd. of Balmoral, N.B.
• Saint-Léonard Sawmill:  $2.5 Million investment in a new chip screen and chip conveyor system
• Kedgwick Sawmill:  $1.0 Million investment in a dry kiln modernization

Premier David Alward stated, “I want to congratulate J.D. Irving, Limited for the confidence it is placing in New Brunswick’s greatest resource, its people. These projects will put boots in the woods and in our mills in every region of our province.”