They sent that giant snake skin to be tested...and the results are back. It is without a doubt, 100% a....

An anaconda!

“It’s a 100 percent match for an anaconda,” said John Placyk, a University of Texas, Tyler herpetologist who ran genetic testing on the snakeskin for the Westbrook Police Department. “If it’s a green anaconda, you’ve got a snake that could potentially get to 20 feet long.” (Bangor Daily News)

Here's the good news, bad news. Good news - they aren't poisonous. Bad news - they can still kill small dogs, cats and even little kids because they wrap themselves around their prey.

But (and it's a big but) what they don't know if that snake skin belongs to Wessie, the snake spotted a couple of times in Westbrook.

So, until they figure that important part out...keep your pets inside and if you have a 1-2 year old - keep a close eye on them.