Donald Trump recently picked up the endorsement of Maine Gov. Paul LePage, which you would figure, would mean Donald would show Maine some love.

Not so much. At least on his official campaign website.

With the Maine Republican caucus set for Saturday, March 5, it would stand to reason that Trump's website would have a page dedicated to Maine voters, telling them how to get out and support their candidate.

After all, if you go to, on his official webpage, you get a handy how-to guide, including a slick video from Trump's daughter, Ivanka, telling voters what to do on primary day.

Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot from

So with the Maine caucus coming up, you would figure that going to would have something similar.

Nope. Nothing, nada, bupkis. We don't even get an Ivanka video.

Want proof? Here's a screenshot.

Screenshot from

Why, Donald why? Where's the love for Maine?

By the way, the Maine Democrats will hold their caucus one day after the GOP on March 6. Needless to say, Donald's site is silent about that one too!