Normally, ice fishing season wraps up in March, but this winter is the exception!

In the past, ice anglers used to have to put away their ice fishing traps and ice augers come April 1st. But thanks to Old Man Winter’s refusal to go away, you can ice fish on many lakes and ponds as long as there is ice that is safe to use, thanks to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's efforts to streamline Maine’s fishing laws and expand opportunities.


In 2010, the Department went to year-round fishing laws throughout much of the state, giving anglers more waters and longer seasons to fish while simplifying Maine’s fishing law book.

So while others may debate the pros and cons of climate change, don’t put your ice fishing gear away just yet. Go out and check the safety of the ice on your favorite pond, and enjoy another outing on the ice.

Here in Northern Maine, you can ice fish in April on lakes and ponds that are designated with the “A” season in the law-book.

And yes, ice fishing shacks must be removed from all lakes and ponds by April 1, but portable shelters are allowed.

Happy fishing, my friends!

For detailed information on where you can and can’t fish, go to