IBM will get help from three Canadian universities as it teaches its Watson computer system to tackle cybercrime.

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Caleb Barlow, vice-president of IBM Security, says it's becoming increasingly difficult for security staff to deal with the growing number of cyber threats — often as many as 200,000 per day.

He said by teaching Watson to track reports, blogs and other information on emerging threats, they will be able to assist companies around the world and make cyber crime less lucrative.

Students at eight leading universities, including the University of New Brunswick, University of Ottawa and the University of Waterloo, will put the information in a form the computer can understand and help to train the system.

Ali Ghorbani, dean of the faculty of computer science at the University of New Brunswick, says it will provide real-world experience for the students.

The students will input about 15,000 security documents per month during the year-long project, starting this fall.