I seem to be on a 'live concert' kick lately. I've been going through the list of acts that I've seen perform in my lifetime and to be honest, it's not that extensive. A couple years ago I fulfilled my dream of seeing B.B. King in concert. There are a couple left on my wish list, who's on yours?

Eric Clapton is 68, Sir Paul McCartney is 71. Those are my two must-sees before I die, or they do. I would have to put Billy Joel and Peter Gabriel on that list as well. If you had to pick a couple of artists to put on your 'must-see-in-concert' list, who would they be?

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Is your dream to see Styx or maybe Foreigner?  We might be able to hook you up..click below!

Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder Coming to Bangor