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So the government is shut down.  What does that mean?  It means one side of Congress is sitting in the corner with their arms crossed and pouting while the other side wants to give us a swirly and take our lunch money. 

All that aside, the most profound 'logic' about the whole situation can be perused on your favorite social media feed.  Times like these bring out the worst in people because we all think we have the answers and the 'other' guys are wrong.  Blame gets tossed around more than Kanye assaults people with cameras.  In the end, we're no more qualified or mature than those acting in our interest.  Still, we sit behind our computer and rant.

Does it do any good?  I'll admit that when someone comments on something I've posted that is counter to what I'm presenting I can't help but think they don't get it.  Is it good to add to my stress level by taunting them and arguing with text?  No, probably not.  By the way, the title of this blog is not a reference to a drunken, anti-semitic Australian actor, but rather a movie he was in - 'The Man Without a Face.'  I think that's what we become when we air our grievances on social media and I think it's dangerous.

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