Do you make a Christmas shopping list? Do you spend hours looking for the perfect gift? Our staff got together and shared our shopping styles.

Do you do Black Friday? I don't. Out of control crowds like this video are crazy.

I get all my Christmas shopping done in one visit to the store - and I make a list. Some people don't write down what people want. Do you take hours trying to find the 'perfect' gift? Or, Do you know what you're getting?


I don't have a massive shopping list - which is good. I do ask people what they want, but, I also know what my family and friends like. Usually, we spend around $20-$30 on each other. Do you take a chance and get the unusual gift?

One thing, for sure, I like to park in the same area of the parking lot every time. Usually, I get a spot as far away from the main entrance as possible. I find it's less busy and I like the walk.

I always park facing out. Nothing worse than backing out of a parking space in a crowded shopping area. Do you have designated places you park? I think we all do.

My mom is good at holiday shopping - she buys stuff all year. Every Christmas she gets me an Elvis calendar and other Elvis stuff. One year she bought me an authentic looking pair of Elvis sunglasses - with the TCB logo and everything.

Dick Palm from our sister station, 101.9 The Rock shared his shopping style. Check it his thoughts. Do you shop like Dick?

As you think it over, check out these fun Christmas shopping gifs. Happy Holidays.

Christmas Shopping Gifs:

Shopping Cart Welding:


Death Star vs Your Wallet:


Minion Shopping:


'Christmas Vacation' Shopping: