Adam T. Maguire, 28, was arrested last night by the Houlton police. Maguire is currently in the Aroostook county jail on violation of probation, two counts of domestic abuse, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. See his mugshot.

Houlton Police Department

Maguire’s victims were his two sons ages 12 and 13 who had cigarette burns on their backs and necks. After Maguire was arrested he admitted to the crime, but claimed he only burned his children to teach them pain compliance while meditating.

Maguire and his 26-year-old girlfriend, were showing the kids meditation techniques, because the younger child has been diagnosed with ADHD. According to the police report the two adults told the kids ‘when you clear your mind, you are no longer susceptible to pain.’

However, Maguire told a police officer during the arrest that he has a history of self-mutilation.

The case has been referred to the Houlton Department of Health and Human Services. The older boy is staying with his biological mother and his younger brother is staying with his grandmother.

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