A report came in just after 1:00pm today about students at Houlton Jr/Sr High School being confined to their classrooms after an incident involving a student with a knife.


Houlton Police responded to a call from the Houlton Jr/Sr High School at 12:42 PM today in response to a report of an attempted assault involving a knife. The altercation occurred in a classroom involving two 15 year old students. The weapon involved was a tactical knife with a six inch blade.

Houlton Police Chief Butch Asselin reported the high school was not placed in lockdown but rather 'Secure Classrooms' mode. The incident occurred in Mr. Timothy Tweedie’s classroom. A verbal exchange took place between a female and male student whereupon the female student allegedly reached into a book bag by her desk and pulled out a knife. The student then charged towards the male student. Mr. Tweedie quickly intervened and placed himself in between the students. Mr. Tweedie wrestled with the student for control of the knife as she was trying to stab him and get free. With the assistance of another teacher, the student was subdued and the knife taken from her possession. Mr. Tweedie suffered bite marks to his hands but is otherwise unharmed.

Parents were notified. HPD escorted the student and her parents to the Houlton Regional Hospital where an evaluation of the student is expected to take place. The matter is still under investigation. Officers Thereon Bickford and Stewart Kennedy responded. Officers’ cleared at 2:15 PM.

[UPDATE] The second teacher involved in the incident is a Robert Kinens. Mr. Kinens overheard a commotion taking place outside of his classroom. A student from Tweedie’s called for help. Mr. Kinens ran over to help Mr. Tweedie. Both teachers restrained the student and tried to reason with her but were unable to get her to release the knife. Principal Marty Bouchard entered the classroom and talked the student into dropping the knife.  The student’s father transported her to Houlton Regional Hospital for a psychological evaluation. Officer Bickford escorted them to HRH.