I watched the movie trailer for Seth Rogan's latest flick 'Neighbors' recently. It came out in theaters on May 9th and it's pretty crass but, I'm assuming hilarious. It got me thinking about my experiences with neighbors over the years.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

I've only had to deal with one annoying neighbor and it was a noise thing. It wasn't just any 'noise' thing either. It started out funny but after a while his 'relations' with the opposite sex became a bit much. Especially when I had to work at 4am. That was when I was in my twenties. My family has since pretty lucky because we have great neighbors all around us.

Do you have any crazy neighbor stories from your past? I say 'your past' because I'm not sure it's a good idea to complain about your current neighbors on the radio, they may be listening. But it's your call. Literally, 764-ROCK. You can also tell us on Facebook.

Here's the 'Red Band' trailer for the movie 'Neighbors.' [NSFW]