Ausitn Theriault is gearing up for 2016 and looking for sponsors. He plans to be racing at Daytona come February, but knows he needs commitments to do it.

Robert-Laberge/Getty Images

Theriault is ready to show potential sponsors that advertising with him can pay off. His main goal is to get the funding to afford the high cost of racing.

Austin has proven himself with a strong 2015 season - despite some setbacks. Last February, Theriault finished in 4th place at Daytona and had two top 5 finishes last year - a 5th place finish in Forth Worth, TX in June. Plus, four top 10 finishes.

Theriault had a very serious accident in Vegas last season - a compression fracture of the lower back. According to reports, his helmet hit his steering wheel and the HANS device protecting his head and neck broke.

Theriault raced for Brad Kaselowski in nine races last year. He was scheduled to compete in 13 races.

Here's video of the wreck on October 3, 2015:

Austin rang in the New Year in Maine and has returned to North Carolina to shore up prospective sponsors.