Is composting your thing? Do you do what you can to recycle and protect the environment?

Good news! The Sustainability Division at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection is offering free workshops to encourage the recovery of food scraps and the beneficial reuse of those materials either through composting, anaerobic digestion or other applications.

Tom Pennington/Getty Iamges

Did you know that 40% of Maine's municipal solid waste is organics and could actually be diverted from a landfill and beneficially reused? It's true!

Organics can pose a challenges because their generation can be sporadic and difficult to predict, be wet and require a higher level of attention because of associated odors. The workshops provide guidance on how to address those challenges successfully.

Each session will include an introduction to Maine's Food Scrap Recovery Program; techniques to divert, collect and process food scraps; regulations surrounding food scrap recovery and use; and lessons learned from current/past collection efforts. Full-day sessions will also include a tour of an organics processing facility.

The department is co-hosting a session in Caribou with Northern Maine Development Commission. There will also be other sessions throughout the State of Maine.

The Caribou session will be held on Wednesday, June 4th from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon. The cost is absolutely free!

Entrepreneurs, municipal employees, farmers, local haulers, businesses and private citizens are all invited to attend.

To Register, call 498-8736 or email Jay Kamm