The legendary groundhog didn't bother sticking his head out of his hole on February 2nd, but sent a text message saying, "Deal with it. EOM."

Dejan Ristovski/Thinkstock

It was the coldest February in northern Maine since 2007, according to the National Weather Service Office in Caribou. Snowfall was also above average for the month.

The average temperature for the month was 12.8°F at Caribou, nearly 1.5 degrees below the 30-year average.  The high temperature for the month was a balmy 41°, observed on February 22. Only five other days were at or above the freezing mark. The coldest temperature was -17°F, recorded in the early hours of February 18.

A total of 27 inches of snow fell over the course of the month, which was about 5 inches above normal. The biggest snowstorm hit the area February 15-16,  dropping up to a foot of snow across northern Maine. So far this winter, about 100 inches of snow has fallen in the Caribou area - that's nearly a foot-and-a-half above normal.

February began with a snow pack of 12-18 inches in most places and by the end of the month snow pack ranged from 18-30 inches, with some spots in the north Maine woods measuring a depth of 3 feet.

March is off to one of the coldest starts in memory, but it won't be long before it warms up enough to send a rescue team to wake up our slumbering friend, the groundhog.


Northern Maine January Weather Recap