A Brewer man died early Tuesday morning when his van struck a moose on Interstate 95 in Howland, Maine.

Maine State Police

State Police say 60-year-old Sidney Oakes was alone and driving a Dodge Grand Caravan in the southbound lane. The collision took place around 1 a.m. at mile marker 222, just below the town of Lincoln.  Police say Oakes died at the scene.

This was Maine's first fatal moose-vehicle collision this year.

State Police are urging drivers to exercise caution when driving at night because moose are especially active this time of year.  Despite their size, moose are virtually invisible at night because of their dark coloring. Also, due to their height, drivers can’t normally see the animal’s eyes reflecting light. Moose will suddenly dart into the road during the summer months to escape insects.

Maine records over 500 moose-vehicle crashes per year, many resulting in serious injury.  Five people have been killed in moose collisions on Maine roads since 2010.