The First Friday Downtown Art Walks held in Presque Isle (PI) are a great attention call for local artists. The birth of outlets to play music, read poetry or display artwork over the past few years is something I hope keeps on growing. Hopefully to the point where there won't be anymore First Friday Art Walks.

Aroostook County is full of amazing things. It's rich with artists. Just step outside and you'll find someone doing something creative.

After walking around downtown PI last Friday I felt two hours just isn't long enough to fully enjoy all the talented artists on display.

All of us getting together. Enjoying each other. Sparking conversations. Drinking too much boxed wine and watching our friends play music while our family members hang paintings- this is something that should happen everyday. First Friday Art Walks need to lead us to when every night is an art walk.

Here's a sample of Mister Moon I grabbed while they played at KMH Music.

Did you get a chance to cruise through PI on Friday night and see anything cool? Let us know and share your photos and video on Facebook.