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What is it with Call Centers?  Are they really so busy that they can only refer you to another number or website?  Do they even serve a purpose, except maybe to frustrate and infuriate the consumer?

I have been trying to get a 'big name' web conglomerate to respond to my emails for help.  Nothing.  On the helpline the first thing they tell me is 'to avoid the wait go online to our support center where any question will be answered within two hours.'  It's now been 3 days.  There is over a 30 minute wait on the helpline.  I'm not making that up, they tell you that on the recording.  I called and waited.  I had to hang up because life carried on.  I called again and waited.  40 minutes later a man with an accent answered.  I asked my question.  His response was for me to call another number.  I called and waited - and hung up. 

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I'm beginning to think it's a government conspiracy.  With the way the roll out of the healthcare website has been, they've got to be running this one as well.  Do you have a frustrating experience with a call center?  Tell me on Facebook.