The memory of a little girl from Houlton who captured the hearts of all who knew her, lives on, through a project being known as Kenna Cares Bags.

Sadly, little Makenna Ward, daughter of Kirk and Amy Ward, passed away in December after a courageous battle with childhood cancer, known as Neuroblastoma. It is a form of cancer that occurs in infants and young children that accounts for approximately 6% of all cancers in children.


Members of the community are working together to make sure that Makenna's memory lives on.

I had a chance to speak with Sarah Estabrook, a teacher at Houlton Elementary School, who is heading up the project being known as Kenna Cares Bags, and Makenna's mother, Amy, this afternoon.

The goal is to provide children who are stricken with cancer a glimmer of hope and comfort as they enter the hospital to seek treatment.

The original goal was to come up with 20 Kenna Cares Bags, but people really embraced the idea, and in just 40 hours, 70 bags had been sold! Next year, they'd like to do even more!

Sarah Estabrook and Amy Ward explain.

Donations are being currently accepted. If you're able, they are in need of markers, colored pens, nail-polish, chapter books, fleece blankets, fun fuzzy socks, fun activities kids can do while sitting, and stickers.

And of course, fun activities that kids can do are always appreciated.

You can drop items off at Houlton Elementary School for Sarah Estabrook, and she will make sure they get to where they need to be. Help out if you can!